Sunday, 6 January 2013

speedy gonzales pom poms!

At the moment I'm knitting my first ever pair of socks (that is first pair of knitted socks, I do have socks) and I've been thinking about when will I wear them? There too big to wear as socks with shoes and I don't want to wear them to bed because I'll get sweaty feet so I've decided on slipper socks. I'll post about them when I've finished them, I've almost finished sock on.  I thought that attaching a pair of pom poms to each sock would give them a cute, classy look (I think they may be binary opposites but trust me). I have to be honest though, I'm not a patient person and find wrapping wool round the same pieces of cardboard again and again for hours so tedious and then I've never got the knack of cutting it and tying it up at the end. So This christmas I devised a quicker and easier way to make pom poms (perhaps uses a little more wool)and I drew some pictures to show you!
Gather your equitment-
wool and
cut a long length of wool
(perhaps a little longer than you would if using the traditional method)
more wool means a fluffier pom pom!
fold the length of wool in half
and then in half again so it is now 1/4 the
length but 4 times thicker
(don't skip with it unless you happen to be a mouse)

this bit was a bit hard to illustate using a ouse claw
wrap the wool round and round 2 or 3 fingers, spread a little
(the more fingers the bigger the pom pom)

then cut a length of wool and tie it tightly inbetween your fingers in the middle of the pom pom

slide the pom pom off your fingers and cut through each loops
with a pair of scissors
(if you wrapped the wool around to tightly you can do this while it is on your fingers but is  little more trickier and dangerous)

your pom pom with probaly look like the first one shown above with uneven lengths of wool hanging off but after a trim it should look ust like a pom pom and in half the time!

thank you for reading and take a well deserved rest if you are a mouse!

I used this method this christmas to make 20 knitted hats complete with pom poms for my friends this christmas along with hot chocolate stirers and heart decorations, here a picture of one of the hats (from instagram).

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