Monday, 14 January 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

It's finaly come, the first snow of the winter!                 It came yesterday in fact but I was too busy eating the celebratory spiced plum crumble to post, we had a glut of plums in 2011 and we still have some in the freezer which is lucky as we had one last year. We added some mulled wine spiced syrup to the crumble which the family got for christmas and had it with ice- cream which was just what was needed after a winter walk and bath.                                                          The snow started in the morning but in my town it was mainly sleet so me, my Dad and our dogs set off on an entrepid snow hunt to the hills ... in the car. We were however successful and found ourselves in a minor hipnotic snow blizard. I managed to get a few pictures before the camera battery ran out and so did my Dad before his phone ran out too. It's all melted today sadly and it was hardly enough to get the day off school sadly but hopfuly there's more to come! *fingers crossed*

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