Thursday, 10 January 2013

Socks and Salad

I thought I would let you know that I've finished sock one, just one more to go now! I'm really surprised how fast I've knitted them and I do think I may have become addicted to double pointed needles, as well as grafting which is another technique I learned. I used it at the toe so the end seam is invisible and the stitches merge into one another. I love the colour wool the kit came with, it reminds me of the sea and the white capped waves but it's also really light and not itchy at all- cosy infact. 

The second part of this is about a new blog I found, you might of heard of it, wolf and willlow which is made by a crazy woman who has become a sugar free vegan! Hearing this you would think there wold be an extremely borring, small and strict ammount of food you can eat but she's proved otherwise. She uploads her recipes with really beautiful pictures along with really interesting ingredients and creative flavors.  This week I tried the carrot, beetroot and mint salad, without liking carrot, having no shredded coconut, cider viniger (we used white rice viniger) and no malt syrup it still tasted amazing. I added poppy seeds too and put it with falafel in a wrap. Far, far from your borring lettuce tomato and cucumber I would say!


  1. I love the socks! Saw your photo of them half done on your instagram, they look fab :-)

  2. Thank you! I'm honestly so suprised I had the patience (: