Saturday, 26 January 2013

Burn's night

well of course it was burns night yesterday, January 25th, so I hope you all had your haggis, tatties and neeps (which I only tried for the first ever time last weekend). I have to say we didn't but we did have our family friends over in the four inches of snow to have venison stew with lemony dumplings which I would say  was quite Highlandy and Scottish, it was just as good too. 
For pudding me and Mum made a mincemeat frangipane to help use up our homemade mincemeat and had it with cream fraiche. It tasted really light and just a bit spicy and didn't put the walnuts on the top but flaked almonds. The one problem was we were feeling a bit lazy so bought some frozen sweet shortcrust pastry to make the tart and it didn't go too well...... here's our first attempt at the tart. For some reason after we blind baked it the pastry began to rise up and made air bubbles wile the sides shank. Mark 2 went a little better, we chilled it first and pricked it a lot more but it didn't go much better. The moral of this story is don't be lazy with your pastry making or don't buy cheap pastry! 

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