Thursday, 3 January 2013

My first blog on my blogger blog

Sorry if I get this wrong, I would like to think you can't get blogging wrong but I've been incorrect many a time. I have to be honest I'm pretty petrified about starting a blog but hopefully I'll enjoy it and I thought new year would be a good time to start (as cheesy as that may sound). 

I like to use instagram (moustache2005)but with it being on an ipad it's quite awkward to take decent pictures at the best of times. However soon *fingers crossed* I am going to get a job and be able to either get an ipod touch or camera which will make uploading pics a whole lot easier.

I don't expect to get many follwers, perhaps even none, but I'll keep this as a little diary any way blogging about significant stuff, my cake baking, nails and probably a lot of boring rubbish.

I had a great new year by the way, me and my family went to the Chinese in our town and then to the centre for midnight with half a dozen party poppers thrown in for good measure. 
I hope you all had a good new year too.

Emily x

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