Monday, 16 December 2013

christmas craft (pinecone garland, coat hanger tree, wrapping paper)

As if the last time I posted was the end of November! What have I been doing all this time? COUNTING DOWN TO CHRISTMAS!

For this post I just thought I'd kinda suggest some christmas crafts since I haven't done any craft in ages because it's quite hard to write out the methods but these are kinda just ideas. I got lots more ideas on my Pinterest, I've kinda gone crazy with the festive pinning lately! And gift wrap too...... Anyhoo here's how to make a pinecone garland!

These pinecones reminded me of Icicles, plus they're covered in Glitter! And who doesn't love glitter!? Apart from the people who clean it up of course, so first of all you're gonna gave to find your pinecones!.......... I made this la'al video to show us finding them but it then escalated to me washing, drying, painting and hanging them! Enjoy :) 

 Once you've found and washed your pine cones leave them to dry, I was kinda impatient so I put them on newspaper on the back of our aga to dry quickly. I think if you might want to put them on a very low temperature in the oven because leaving them to dry naturally might mean they stay a little damp.