Monday, 11 February 2013

Our two day break to York

Yesterday me, my Mum and Dad drove for just over two hours through sleet, snow and rain at three degrees to get to one of our favourite cities: York. I have to say most of yesterday it rained and was freezing cold so we started the holiday off at a lovely little cafe with sheet music covering the walls, soup, a sandwich and for me a hot chocolate to pull we through the harsh weather. 
We spent most of the afternoon safe inside at the castle museum and went to a few shops as the wind died down. We spent a while looking for a place for tea but finely settled back at our all time family favourite of Pizza Express, you can't go wrong! All three of us managed to stomach three courses, even after an anti-pasti to share and four seasons pizza I still found space for a chocolate glory (vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate fudge cake and chocolate sauce). 
macaroons and fondant fancies in Betty's YorkToday the weather's been a lot better so we went round the shambles and a few of the quirky narrow streets to look at some of the shops, along the castle wall, which surrounds centre of the city, and to the Yorkshire museum before going to Betty's
If you've never been to Betty's you need to. We went at twelve O'clock and narrowly avoided having to queue outside the door on a Monday, not in the holidays! I can tell you it really was worth it though, I had a potato rosti with spinach, ham and a poached egg then a cherry frangipane with berries and even a fondant fancy (it was a treat as there are only three in the country, all in Yorkshire!). 

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