Sunday, 24 February 2013

Buttons, buttons and more buttons!

As a matter of policy each and every family should have a jar or box of buttons (if you don't yet have one I suggest you get collecting those buttons). A jar of buttons is a beautiful thing to have because, in my opinion, buttons are just beautiful! They come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns, they're all so different from one another. The sad thing about buttons is that there is a finite amount of space on a shirt to sew them, as the cockneys found with their pearl button suits, you get to a point where you have no space left for a button! This is when you need some extra ideas and that's where I can help. Today I've made four different things with buttons just for you, enjoy!

The family button jar and child
1.) The Button Ring

  • (first picture) You will need- some thin wire, something to cut the wire, a tape measure and some buttons (two holes or a shank button)
  • cut the wire to 50 to 60 cms
  • (second picture) put each end of the wire through the hole in the button and continue going round your finger and through the holes until you have about 10 cms of wire left
  • take the ring off your finger and twist it round and around the wire, finish by tucking it in
  • you now have a finished ring! 

2.) The Brooch

  • (first picture) you will need- some felt, scissors, a tape measure, a big button, a safety pin, thread and needle 
  • cut a square of felt, I made mine 10cms x 10 cms but you might want to make it a little smaller
  • (second picture) from each corner cut almost to the middle but not quite, stop about 2 cms from the centre
  • (third picture) bring each corner into the centre and sew in place
  • (forth picture) sew on the safety pin to the back and button on the front
  • Ta daah! 

3.) A Button Bobble

For this tutorial you need a thin bobble but I only realised mine were to big before making it and, living in a little town as I do, no shops are open on Sundays! I know you shouldn't put bobble in your hair but for this I had too, I do suggest you use a thin bobble. I think this is great for all those gold sailor skank buttons you get piling up. 
  • (first picture) You will need- a skank button and a bobble (that's it!)
  • (bottom left picture) put the bobble through the hole 
  • (right picture) pull the other end back through the loop
  • Short and Sweet!

4.) Button Clips 

  • (first picture) you will need- hair pins (AKA bobble pins), buttons with any number of holes, needle and thread
  • (second picture) thread the needle and tie it in a double or triple knot through the button
  • keep going round and through the holes with the thread (forget the clip for now!) You need to do it quite loosely so you can fit the pin head through, when finished tie it in a double knot
  • (third picture) push the thread on the back of the button through the pin
  • beautiful vintage clips, cheap and cheerful!

I hope I've inspired you to get collecting buttons or stop sewing them onto suits and shirts, do something useful with them! They make quick and beautiful presents of just treats for yourself and look really nice and vintage if you use the right buttons. I had another idea for a tutorial but didn't have time but I was inspired by my Mum's button bracelet which I've loved to play with since I was little. Here's a picture and leave me a comment or send me a link if you have an idea on how to make it, thank you!


  1. Wow, what neat craft ideas for all those buttons! I'll have to keep these in mind whenever I run across a lose button.

  2. I love the hair ties and hair pins! What a wonderful idea. They look great :)

    1. thank you, they're super simple to make but I'm really not too great at modeling!
      from Emily xxx