Thursday, 28 February 2013

I hope I taste 'cracking'

Just a quick up date of some of the things I've got up to this week. 
First of all to explain the title this week I drew faces on the 22 eggs in the fridge, not too sure why. It got to making a frittata for lunch and my parents were forced to become murderers as they killed off 6 of the innocent eggs! 

 I also drew a birthday card for my Grandma to give to her friend of a hungarian vizsla eating a black leather wallet as apparently that's just what the dog did to his old wallet. Luckily his Birthday present was a new one was to be a new one... until the dog got hold of it!

And one more Birthday, I felted two cumbrian sheep onto a green felt purse for a friend. It was really cheap and simple as the plain purse only cost £3 and you could put a far more intricate design on it if you chose but I thought I'd keep it simple. 
Thanks for reading! 

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