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me on a very rare warm sunny day
Hello there my dear reader chum, (Miranda Hart fan here!)
Thank you very much indeed for reading my blog. My name's Emily, I'm fifteen years old and seem to be living, pretty much permanently, under an umbrella in England (don't worry, I do have a house! It's just always raining here). I live with my Mum, Dad,(my brother when he's not at university), three badly behaved dog, Plato (that's a budgie not the Greek philosopher) and an indestructible guinea pig. It can get crazy. I sadly have to go to school five days a week which is aabsolutely horrible and I hate, who's idea was GCSEs? gets in the way a bit of life in general but aah well....

I started blogging in January 2013, a bit like a new years resolution, 'to begin a blog'. First of all the name, 'why on earth is your blog called all that glisters is not gold?' I hear you cry. The honest answer- I do not know. I thought a Shakespeare quote would be a nice, creative and very British name for a blog and 'all that glisters is not gold' is from Shakespeare's Prince of Morocco (apparently). It has two meanings: 1.) things aren't always as good as they look and 2.) don't judge on appearance. So the first meaning makes it seem like a silly name for a blog but I like to focus more on the second meaning. I like to think that someone won't glance at my blog see that it's only a fifteen year old writing, with very few followers and then pass over it. I would hope that they might read it, leave a comment and perhaps even be interested in it.
I started blogging because I realised I didn't enjoy what I was doing. I knew what I liked; cooking, baking, crafting, colouring, drawing, eating, reading, being unique. So what clubs are there in my area that did that? None. So I started my blog, a way for me to do what I wanted and maybe meet some people who enjoy the same things, have crazy but amazing ideas and maybe find my ideas interesting too.
So that's it really, this is all that glisters is not gold, it's about cooking, baking, craft, my topsy turby life. Well done if you just read all of this, please leave me a few comments because I really do appreciate them and love to read them.

from Emily x


  1. love it! good for you for starting a blog -- and exploring your true passion. :)

    greetings from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

    1. thank you, I really do love it! (: thank you for commenting too!
      from Emily xxx

  2. Well done on the blog.