Monday, 16 December 2013

christmas craft (pinecone garland, coat hanger tree, wrapping paper)

As if the last time I posted was the end of November! What have I been doing all this time? COUNTING DOWN TO CHRISTMAS!

For this post I just thought I'd kinda suggest some christmas crafts since I haven't done any craft in ages because it's quite hard to write out the methods but these are kinda just ideas. I got lots more ideas on my Pinterest, I've kinda gone crazy with the festive pinning lately! And gift wrap too...... Anyhoo here's how to make a pinecone garland!

These pinecones reminded me of Icicles, plus they're covered in Glitter! And who doesn't love glitter!? Apart from the people who clean it up of course, so first of all you're gonna gave to find your pinecones!.......... I made this la'al video to show us finding them but it then escalated to me washing, drying, painting and hanging them! Enjoy :) 

 Once you've found and washed your pine cones leave them to dry, I was kinda impatient so I put them on newspaper on the back of our aga to dry quickly. I think if you might want to put them on a very low temperature in the oven because leaving them to dry naturally might mean they stay a little damp.

paint your pine cones! I used white acrylic watered down with a little bit of water and did an ombre effect so it looked like the ends were covered in snow.

Once painted individually pick up, cover in PVA and sprinkle with glitter! 

Then attach some thread to the end of each one, I used sewing thread because it was so fine. I didn't really have a method for this, I just went in and out of the nooks and crannies then tied in a double know at the end. 

Next you need to find something to attach your pine cones to, I used a string of beads which i thought looked really pretty but you could just use string if you wanted or fishing wire might look good too, let me know what you try!

now it's time to hang them up! I hung them over our curtain rail because they were so long but again it's up to you, I think they'd look nice over a fire place if we had one.

And by the way you don't have to make them into a garland, I thought they'd make really nice christmas hangings, plus they're unbreakable if you have crazy dogs like me!


I totally stole this idea off pinterest by the way so no points for originality but I just thought it was such a clever, easy and, of course, cheap christmas decoration. Cheap and Cheerful!

So all you really need is metal coat hangers,sellotape and fairy lights, I also added tinsel and miniture baubels too. 
first you have to get some coat hangers, I ran round the house with wooden coat hangers replacing all the metal hangers in the house with metal ones.
I only had 6 altogether but in the photo there's 13 so it doesn't really matter, I bent them into rhombus shapes and sellotaped them together

Next I wrapped fairy lights around to outline it's tree shape...

and then I just covered it in shiny things and hung it up!



I would love to do more posts on wrapping but I don't think I'll have the time, One of my favourite parts of christmas is creative wrapping and putting bows and tags on presents! I love it when you come down and see loads of different shaped presents all with different wrapping paper and decorations, it's all really unique...... especially if the wrapping is home made!

for this all you need is brown paper, paints (I used acrylic again because it's really bright), a sponge, a brush and either stamps or cookie cutters.

I wasn't sure if the cookie cutters would work but you've just got to get a lot of paint on them, I used the brush for the cookie cutters and the sponge for the stamp so the paint was even

You really can't go wrong with this it looks good whatever you put on it really, as long as it looks homemade! I also added in Happy Christmas in sharpie all over 

I hope you've got some more christmas craft ideas, if you want more take a look at my craft or christmas pinterest board.
Happy Christmas!

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