Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Mango, Strawberry and Lime Smoothie

Look at the colour of that, That is a healthy thing of beauty! 

Tomorrow is sports day and I prayed for rain but looks like it's not coming, I was also scheduled to be ill. Too ill to go into school and do sport.... I'm allergic to exercise you see...... (well I'm not really and last year I was really sporty but I haven't done sport for like 6 months!
Any hoooo, I was going to be very ill tomorrow but it looks like my friend has got through to the national swimming event and any sports day event could potential cause her to pull a muscle. She is CRAAAAZY! She gets up at 5 am everyday and goes swimming until 8 and every evening too..... what a wierdo...

So now I'm doing her events (even though surely doing exercise would help her fitness!? No?... okay, I'll shut up then....). So instead of high jump alone (requiring little effort, inside and generally just banter) I now have to do 1500 metres, 800 metres, 200 metres, long jump, high jump and relay (IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL). I shall walk them all with pride. And humiliation as I get lapped.... 
So for sports day I'm gonna need loads of energy.... there fore SUGAR, right? Cake, chocolate, sweets, biscuits, cake, cupcakes, cake.... cake?

Well you don't have to be a genius to realise no is the answer to that. So to give ma self some energy I got some good sugar in the form of fructose! Fruit sugar! Sounds appealing......
Quick, delicious, healthy, filling, summery, creamy and just darn beautiful in every single way (especially colour). Also because it's summer here in the Uk we get lots of great tasting fruit like Scottish strawberries (nothing will beat them, and Scottish raspberries (equally good if not better), cherries and loads of other fruity fruits!
Also this literally took less than 3 minutes to make so is a great breakfast alternative if your in a bit of a rush because it's portable. Portable food is great, walking, talking and eating!

mango, strawberry and lime smoothie(serves 1)

  • 1 ripe mango
  • 100 grams of clean and washed strawberries 
  • 3 table spoons of creme friache 
  • a squeeze of lime juice (not too much)
  1. peel the mango flesh and cut out the nice juicy parts from around the stone
  2. hull or slice the tops off the strawberries
  3. blitz all the ingredients....
  4. that's it... :D

just a few other things to add (sorry!, I really hope you've been looking at my instagram because I forgot to tell you about my Dad's father's day cake with I put on. It was dark chocolate and fig and wasn't too sweet but you could really taste the figgyness (now that is an awesome word). It was a saved disaster too. 
It was suppose to be a loaf cake but I made it in a bundt tin instead (just to be a la'al bit different) but then I couldn't get it out the tin and then made a crack in the top of it when picking it up.....  
So I covered it in cream cheese butter cream which was just in harmony with that chocolatey figgyness (we should all know that figs and cheese are just like da best). And covered the top in English cherries and melted dark chocolate!
Also on my instagram which I forgot to tell you about is my new rayban glasses! They are nerd glasses but I feel I can wear them because I am a real and true nerds (not like those people who feel they need to wear a top with it written on to prove it, do you get them in other countries or just England?).
Thirdly (I'm sorry this is also on my instagram and pinterest) is a new sensation me and my friends are sure is gonna get in the urban dictionary. YOHOL. You might have heard YOLO (you only live once) which is a phrase commonly associated with hipsters.
I don't get them they don't want to be mainstream but by being a hipster they are becoming mainstream, I mean come on obvious paradox there guys.
So anyway, YOLO is now too mainstream so the new phrase I invented is YOHOL, you only have one life. It's gonna be big...
FINAAAAALLY! I finished my tea dress too, hers a picture (I'm REALLY not very photogenic) 

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